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The North Carolina Local Users group started in 2005. The NCLUG hopes to bring together the many varied users of Bentley CADD products though out the Carolinas. If you are a user of MicroStation, OpenX, InRoads, AECOsim, PowerCivil or any of the other Bentley products please join the NCLUG and share your expertise and experience with other Carolina users.


The North Carolina Local Users Group has four officers who serve two year terms.

Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and DOT Liaison.

Board of Directors

The NCLUG BOD consist of up to 15 appointed members who meet with and advise the NCLUG officers on the direction and activities of the Organization.

The NCLUG officers and BOD meet every month via a conference call.  If you would like to join in, please contact any officer or board member for details.

Charter and Bylaws

The rules and regulations governing the NCLUG.

Charter and Bylaws

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